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One last chance to take in Kentucky’s history and natural splendor

Thursday, October 12, offered tour guests one last look at the splendor and history of Kentucky.

An insider look at Kentucky’s thoroughbred farms

Wednesday, October 11, gave tour guests an insight into the world of thoroughbred racehorse husbandry.

Experiencing Kentucky’s stunning Appalachian scenery

Tuesday, October 10, offered tour guests unique views of the stunning natural beauty of Appalachia.

Exploring the history and art of making Kentucky bourbon

Monday, October 9, saw the first day of driving on our tour of Kentucky, the Classic Motorsports Bluegrass Tour.

Welcoming guests to our first-ever Bluegrass Tour

Sunday, October 8, marked the first day of our all-new driving tour of Kentucky, the Classic Motorsports Bluegrass Tour.

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