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BMW E46 M3 project car updates

Can our E46 M3 run with a new Hyundai Elantra N?

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Building a street car that can theoretically survive a track day is one thing, but what does the data actually say? Does …

What’s in this BimmerWorld box?

A highlight of BMW ownership? Shipments from BimmerWorld.

What’d we get this time for our E46-chassis BMW M3? Hint: It’s smaller than a breadbox.

Perhaps now is the time to stock up on those special M3 parts

During the last two-plus decades, we’ve watched the E46-chassis M3 go from a desirable new car to a desirable track car to, now, a desirable car in stock condition.

A friendly reminder: cars are meant to be driven

Has our M3 been sitting too much lately? Well, you could say that.

Since purchasing our 2004 BMW M3 in the fall of 2016, we have put …

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