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See this at Carlisle in May: the new Carlisle Brew Mixer

Take part in some of the finest brews available while enjoying your favorite import cars in May.

Ready-to-drive Triumph TR6 | Car Catcher

Is the Triumph TR6 one of the easiest classics to live with?

Sport package-equipped Mercedes-Benz SL500 | Car Catcher

This SL500 features staggered AMG wheels thanks to the optional Sport Package.

Euro-spec Ferrari 400i convertible previously owned by Sir Elton John | Car Catcher

This convertible 400i is said to have been owned by Sir Elton John–no word on if a bedazzled baseball uniform is included, though.

Highland Green Shelby GT500KR | Car Catcher

What exactly does the "KR" in the Shelby GT500KR stand for? Simple: King of the Road–a title backed by a 428 Cobra Jet V8.

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