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Just how unserviceable is a Porsche Cayman gearbox?

The gearbox of a 981 Porsche Cayman is deemed a non-serviceable part, and the dealer said it would cost $15,000–the same amount we paid for the car–to replace.

Since this is Grassroots …

Can we fix our Cayman's transmission? Or is it a $15K dealer repair?

Remember that broken 981-chassis Porsche Cayman I picked up for $15,000–or less than half price–then drove cross-country with its four working gears? After tearing out its …

Time to crack open our Porsche Cayman's broken transmission

I’d purchased perhaps the world’s cheapest running, driving 981-chassis Cayman, buying this 2014 Porsche for just $15,000 last year.

Then my wife and I

Decide our Cayman’s fate: What should we do with it?

Fall is in the air, family is making travel plans, and decorations are descending from the attic for the most wonderful time of the year. No, I'm not talking about …

Did we ruin our engine? This is what an oil analysis test revealed

Whelp, we did it: My wife and I bought a broken Cayman in Seattle, Washington, and then drove it all the way home to Florida in fourth gear. …

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