Elan articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

Elan articles, project cars, conversations, and more

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Car Catcher: A Rare Super Safety Lotus Elan SE

This 1968 Lotus Elan SE from Wire Wheel Classic Sports Cars is said to be a mechanically sound "Super Safety" model that's ready to restore.

A Series 4 Lotus Elan equipped with the Special Equipment package | Car Catcher

Equipped with the "Special Equipment" package, which, among other features, added a more powerful engine.

Series 4 Lotus Elan SE | Car Catcher

That SE designation means this S4 Elan gets more power, flared fenders, and wider wheels and tires.

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Elan articles

Buyer's Guides: Which legendary Lotus is the better purchase, 7 or Elan?

These two ’60s roadsters couldn’t look more different, but they’re based on the same Lotus design philosophy: less weight, more power.

Buyer's Guides: The agile Lotus Elan | Tech Tips

We asked a couple of experts what it takes to keep these beauties on the road and running smoothly.

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Elan project car updates

How much power did we get after dyno tuning our Elan? | Restoration Impossible Lotus Elan

Thanks to some help from Lotus expert Chris Tchorznicki of Sevens & Elans, LLC, our Lotus Elan project has quietly been receiving a bit of sorting.

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