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Features: Meet the MGZ, a Ford Zetec-powered MGB

How to make the most of an MGB? How about swapping in a 2.0-liter, twin-cam Ford Zetec engine?

Features: This MGB features Capri V6 power

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Bill Guzman's once-burned MGB GT now sports a V6 from a Ford Capri.

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Engine swap project car updates

Rules require a floor covering? What we used instead of carpets.

One of the things you notice when your car catches on fire is that the stuff you use to put out the fire is capital M messy. We’ve found fire …

How to sort a rebuilt race car | Project Endurance Race Miata

We’d upgraded the safety gear in our LFX-swapped Miata, which meant it was finally time for the fun part: track testing.

We’ve written at length …

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Miata Swapped MGB GT - The Cobbler's Child
Hurricane fund, a V8 Morris Minor redeux
Geo Metro XFI 1.0 and 3 Samurai transmissions for RWD conversion. Yes mine. NV near Reno.
Grand Cherokee engine swap in Pittsburgh area
3 Suzuki Samurai trans, no-X-fers, will fit Geo Metro 1.0, Mine, $500 near Reno.
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