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Fuel Facts articles

News and Notes: Fuel Facts: 93-Octane Not Enough? Solutions Exist

Is the 93-octane fuel at the pump not enough to keep your high-compression, high-boost or highly tuned car happy? Solutions exist.

Features: Fuel Facts: Water Is Great for Your Plants, Not So Much for Your Fuel System

How do fuel additives remove water from fuel? The all-telling safety data sheet yields the answer: It’s usually methanol—often almost 100% methanol.

Features: Fuel Facts: Why Not Avgas in Your Car?

Is aviation fuel a viable alternative for a classic car?

Features: Fuel Facts: Why Is There Ethanol in Our Gasoline?

Is that 10% ethanol found in most pump gasoline good or bad for your classic? Like many things in life, it’s complicated.

Features: Fuel Facts: The Right Fuel in the Fall Might Help Your Engine Start in the Spring

Car won’t start after a few months in storage? It could be the gas. “But,” you counter, “there’s fuel in the tank and it’s getting to the engine.” But is that fuel still good?

Features: Fuel Facts: How Much Octane Is Enough for My Classic?

The owner’s manual will explain which fuel to use–but, of course, questions might still remain.

Features: Fuel Facts: Which Race Fuel?

Lead was legislated out of pump fuel decades ago, but there’s still a place that you’ll find it: at the track. Which one is right for you?

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