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Good-Win Racing articles, project cars, conversations, and more

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Leaking shocks aren’t good, so we got some new Öhlins from Good-Win Racing | Garage Rescue Miata

Perhaps letting the Miata sit for eight-plus years was a little hard on some seals after all. We noticed that our dampers were leaking. That’s bad, right?

But new …

How to sort a rebuilt race car | Project Endurance Race Miata

We’d upgraded the safety gear in our LFX-swapped Miata, which meant it was finally time for the fun part: track testing.

We’ve written at length …

Reducing bumpsteer with Miata R tie rod ends | Garage Rescue Miata

We recently noticed a a tie rod end with a torn boot on our Garage Rescue Miata. That’s not great, right?

Good-Win Racing offers the

Which creates more fender clearance: rolling or pulling? | Project Endurance Race Miata

Race cars have big fender flares because they look cool, right? Well, not quite. Sure, they look great, but the real point of flares is to make room for bigger …

How much brakes for an endurance racer Miata? | Project Endurance Race Miata

Our LFX Miata’s first test day had ended in failure–brake failure, to be exact. Now it was time to fix them.

Our goal? Consistent brakes …

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