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Car Catcher: Lotus Elise in Starlight Black Over Magnolia

A fancy Lotus Elise: Touring Package while wearing Starlight Black over magnolia.

Car Catcher: Low-Mileage Lotus Elise

Since you can't get a brand-new Elise from Lotus in this part of the world, this low-mileage 2006 model is the next best thing.

Car Catcher: Graphite Grey Over Red 2005 Lotus Elise

Is gray over red the best color configuration for a sports car like this 2005 Lotus Elise?

Car Catcher: Purple Over Magnolia Lotus Elise

This 2006 Lotus Elise was configured with a striking shade of Aubergine Purple, that, when paired with the Magnolia interior color, really makes a stand-out car.

Car Catcher: Clean Title Lotus Elise

Not only does this 2005 Lotus Elise come in a sharp shade of "Laser Blue," but is also perfect for the person that doesn't want to mess up their hair.

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Asking the hive to tear this car apart.
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