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In the July Issue | Forget the Stetson, This Outlaw Wears a Bubble Top

“Outlaw” came to life decades ago as a joking nickname for builder Gary Emory’s modified Porsche 356s.

Car Catcher: Over $120,000 Has Been Invested in This Alfa Romeo Spider

An Outlaw doesn't always have to be a Porsche. This 1969 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider Veloce proves that any classic can receive the Outlaw touch.

In the November Issue: The Lancia Outlaw

A Lancia Aurelia B20GT gets the lowdown treatment in the next issue of Classic Motorsports magazine.

Outlaw articles

Features: Forget the Stetson, This Porsche 356 Outlaw Wears a Bubbletop

The light and nimble 356 is highly desirable as built. Even so, some owners crave more.

Features: This Outlaw Isn´t a Porsche, It´s a Lancia

This Lancia is proof that the Outlaw concept need not be limited to Porsches.

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