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Now you can match your house to your Porsche, too

The chance to tell your visitors that "Yes, my foyer is the color of a Porsche?" Priceless.

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Shop Work: How to make the most of an aging, worn paint job

Bad paint job? Don't repaint–here's how you can improve what you already have.

Shop Work: How to erase those body boo-boos with some paint blending work

It’s a common sight with our classics: a great car that’s marred by just a small blemish. Some easy paint blending work can erase these errors.

Shop Work: Paint chip? Here's how to fix at home.

A rock chip on the hood of a 1958 Corvette? Here's how we fixed it from the comfort of our own garage.

Drivetrain: Repainting an Engine Bay in 8 Easy Steps

Sometimes, just cleaning an engine bay isn't enough. In those cases, here are 8 easy steps to repaint your engine's home.

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The key to achieving a genuine, glass-smooth paint finish

Before our Bugeye Sprite leaves the paint booth, it is first baked–twice in this case–and then, after a day or two, wet sanding can begin.

This too is …

How to get the best possible paintjob? Plenty of time and effort

Now, after all of the prep work, it’s time to spray some color on our Bugeye Sprite.

Javier of Jeff’s Restorations laid down two or …

How to prepare a Bugeye Sprite body for paint

More of the labor to make our Bugeye Sprite look good. Before paint, the entire car was wet sanded with 400- and then 600-grit sandpaper.

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