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Shop Work: The bamboo skewer: an effective, inexpensive detailing secret

Tim McNair from GP Concours has detailed hundreds of the finest cars on the planet. His secret weapon? The humble bamboo skewer.

Shop Work: 80 clever tips for streamlining your workspace

These 80 shop tips from the experts will help you maximize the use of your garage space.

Shop Work: DIY convertible top repair

How to repair a tear in a convertible top at home.

Shop Work: How to pack an effective quick detail kit

What detailing supplies should you always have on hand both at home or on the road? Here's what detailing pro Tim McNair of Grand Prix Concours recommends.

Shop Work: 10 Items you need in your workspace

Sure, your workspace will always be a project in itself, but these 10 essentials are a solid foundation for a well-stocked shop.

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