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Restoration & Renovation: Glasswork: Fiberglass Bodywork Tips

Repairing and Restoring Fiberglass Sports Cars.

Shop Work: Shop Secrets: 80 Tips for Success

80 Clever Tips for Streamlining Your Workspace

Shop Work: The Bamboo Skewer Is an Effective, Inexpensive Detailing Secret

Tim McNair from GP Concours has detailed hundreds of the finest cars on the planet. His secret weapon? The humble bamboo skewer.

Shop Work: How to Plan a Perfect Restoration—and What to Do When Things Go Horribly Wrong

A properly restored classic can provide years of enjoyment with regular maintenance. If mistakes are made during the restoration process, our tips will help you make the best of a bad situation.

Shop Work: Door Skin Replacement Made Easy

It may sound difficult, but replacing a door skin can be relatively easy if you have a few basic tools and a bit of instruction.

Shop Work: How to Easily Fit a Modern Battery in a Classic Car

How to properly adapt a modern battery to your favorite classic car.

Shop Work: Save Your Time, Money and Sanity With These 18 Steps to an Organized Restoration

By the end of our organization and cataloging process, these Mini parts fit neatly on a single shelving unit. We can now locate specific components in seconds.

Shop Work: No Restoration Is Complete Until the Car Has Been Properly Sorted

After receiving a host of tweaks, our now-sorted Midget offers a better stance, enhanced comfort, and more driving joy than ever before.

Shop Work: How to Make an MGB Three Seconds Quicker in Six Steps

Can we make an MGB outrun today’s average minivan without spending more than two grand?

Shop Work: Fall in Love With Dyno Tuning in 9 Easy Steps

The dynamometer still seems steeped in controversy and confusion in the classic car world, so here are 9 steps to follow when taking your classic to the dyno.

Shop Work: An Easy Fix To Keep Side-Draft Carbs From Losing Their Prime

Here is an easy and inexpensive fix to ensure your side-draft carbs still plenty of fuel in them, even if your car has been sitting.

Shop Work: How To Run LED Headlights and Taillights on Your Classic

DIY: Upgrading your classic to run LED lights can be easy.

Shop Work: Build a Safety Rag Barrel for Your Shop in 5 Steps

Keeping those dirty rags piled up in a corner isn't just unsightly, it's a potential fire hazard. Here's an easy project to keep those rags properly stored.

Shop Work: 10 Tips To Prepare for a Great Vintage Race Season

Did winter bring the end of the vintage racing season? Here are 10 things you can do to prepare for the next one in spring.

Shop Work: 10 Items You Need in Your Workspace

Sure, your workspace will always be a project in itself, but these 10 essentials are a solid foundation for a well-stocked shop.

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