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Car Catcher: Ready-to-Drive, Rust-Free Alfa Romeo Spider

Is this running 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider, described as rust-free, the next addition to your collection?

Car Catcher: Over $120,000 Has Been Invested in This Alfa Romeo Spider

An Outlaw doesn't always have to be a Porsche. This 1969 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider Veloce proves that any classic can receive the Outlaw touch.

Car Catcher: A Recently Restored Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce

This Celeste Blue Giulietta Spider Veloce was once owned by the same family for over 40 years.

What Happens When a Car Finds You | Coming Soon to an Issue Near You

For Greg Tolbert, first came the Veloce, then the box of records, and then the car's original engine. Subscribe now to find out how it all came together.

Car Catcher: A Well-Equipped, Five-Speed Fiat 1500 Spider

A five-speed example equipped with an Abarth exhaust system, Carello fog lamps and Campagnolo wheels.

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News and Notes: Expert tips on how to keep a Fiat 124 Spider on the road

Looking for some pointers on your Fiat Spider? Look no further. We picked the minds of two Fiat experts.

Shop Work: How to Upgrade Your Alfa Romeo's Suspension in 12 Simple Steps

Looking for a killer sports car value? Check out a later Alfa Romeo Spider. The suspension will probably need some rejuvenation, but fortunately the repairs are relatively easy to make.

Buyer's Guides: Picking the best version of the Alfa Romeo Spider

Say you have a hole in your garage and would like to fill it with an Alfa Romeo Spider. Which one to buy? Let us help you with that decision.

Buyer's Guides: Before we had the Mazda RX-7, NSU gave us its rotary-powered Spider

Mazda may be best known for popularizing the Wankel rotary engine, but Germany's NSU was one of the first companies to bring it to market.

Buyer's Guides: Classic Roadster Showdown: Alfa Romeo Spider vs. the Triumph TR6

When it comes to a European roadster from the '60s or '70s, which would you rather have, England or Italy?

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FS: 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider in Colorado - Rust Free!
'78 Alfa Romeo Spider getting a second chance!
FS: 1981 Fiat Spider 2000 Convertible Automatic - 1 owner Colorado Car
FS: Fiat 124 Spider 2.0L Engine - Complete, with wiring, injection, more
FS: 1977 Alfa Romeo Spider in Colorado
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Jul 06, 2019 by spkorb
1973 None Fiat 850 Spider

$2012.00 for a $2015 Challenge with Cookie Monster seat covers, Googly eyes and a scant amount of rust. Frozen brakes kept me from getting to full speed but... full speed …

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