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Sunoco articles, project cars, conversations, and more

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Which Octane Is Best For Your Classic? | Coming Soon to an Issue Near You

The manual will probably you which octane you should use, though that doesn't mean that you won't have questions. We answer those in the upcoming March issue.

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News and Notes: What is race gas? | Fuel Facts

Race gas is race gas–there’s just one kind, right? Well, no. The term covers an entire spectrum of products, including some you can even use on the street.

News and Notes: Fuel Facts: 93-Octane Not Enough? Solutions Exist

Is the 93-octane fuel at the pump not enough to keep your high-compression, high-boost or highly tuned car happy? Solutions exist.

Features: Fuel Facts: Water Is Great for Your Plants, Not So Much for Your Fuel System

How do fuel additives remove water from fuel? The all-telling safety data sheet yields the answer: It’s usually methanol—often almost 100% methanol.

Features: Why not Avgas in your car? | Fuel Facts

Is aviation fuel a viable alternative for a classic car?

Features: Fuel Facts: Why Is There Ethanol in Our Gasoline?

Is that 10% ethanol found in most pump gasoline good or bad for your classic? Like many things in life, it’s complicated.

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