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tires articles, project cars, conversations, and more

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In the November Issue: Our Guide to Cool Tires for Retro Rides

Are fresh tires important? The short answer is yes! We're giving you real numbers from real testing on all of our favorites in the next issue of Classic Motorsports Magazine.

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Tires & Wheels: Running on Old Tires vs. New Tires

Even though performed this test a while ago, the results bear repeating.

Shop Work: Are your tires too old to be safe?

Even if they don’t wear out from use, our tires are aging out due to the simple fact that the components used in their manufacture doesn’t last forever.

Suspension & Handling: How to Get Fresh, Modern Tires That Retain Those Period-Correct Looks

A fresh set of tires will rejuvenate your favorite classic, and today’s market offers many choices that will deliver that vintage vibe.

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