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Features: Relive the earliest days of motorsport with a Brass Era race car

Driving a Brass Era race car–like this E-M-F–is like driving a time machine to the earliest days of motorsport.

Features: How this man found the Mustang that had changed his life

Mike Sedlak reunited with this Ford Mustang more than 50 years after it had changed his life.

Restoration & Renovation: The realities of restoring a race car

Old race cars might live in grainy black and white, but bringing them into today’s world can require some hardnosed detective work–and some tough decisions.

Features: Why a NASCAR stock car could be the next big thing in vintage racing

In the market for a vintage racer that's both thrilling to drive and as safe as a bank vault? Why not try a vintage NASCAR Stock Car?

Columns: Common mistakes to avoid when presenting a race car at a concours

Presenting a race car at a concours? Here's a little knowledge about how concours judging works so you can win at your next event.

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Vintage Race Car project car updates

Modern digital gauges: A better way to monitor our Mustang?

Our Mustang needed some gauges. Gotta know what’s going on under the hood, right?

Prosport Gauges is a newer customer here at GRM, so we …

The extra steps we took to avoid an overheating race car

All engines create heat. Race engines create even more heat. So we needed to assemble a cooling system that could handle our needs, especially down here in the South. 

Back …

How detailing can make a mediocre paint job look better

After working on our Mustang for the better part of a year, it was truly a mess: grease, dirt and overspray.

We asked our detailing wiz, Tim …

Why we put special fluids in our Mustang race car

Racing is hard on fluids, so we needed to choose some specialized products for our Mustang race car.

For the engine, we turned …

How to choose the right fuel for a race engine?

Our Mustang is so close to starting that we can taste it. But before we could fire it up, we needed something: fuel.

We turned to the

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Don Yenkos Chevy X-11. Tribute Build
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