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Tin-Tops to be Celebrated at Put-in-Bay

Sedans reign supreme in 2019

Matt Breeden Named SVRA President

Matt Breeden brings 15 years of executive experience to SVRA.

Video: Under the Hood of Historic Race Cars!

At the recent HSR Classic 24 Hour at Daytona, we got the chance to look at some truly historic cars.

The Year Was 1980: SCCA H Production Was All About Sprites, Sprites and Sprites

Look at all of those Bugeyes. And all of that red Georgia clay, too.

See Vintage IndyCars up Close and at Speed

Mark you calendars, the Vintage Indy Registry announced their 2020 schedule.

Put-in-Bay Vintage Sports Car Races Rescheduled

The 2020 Put-in-Bay Vintage Sports Car Races, a four-day vintage racing event that takes place on South Bass Island in Lake Erie, has been rescheduled.

VSCDA Hosts HSR Guests at Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival

The Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association welcomes Historic Sportscar Racing competitors for its 35th Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival.

Registration Now Open for 2021 Put-in-Bay Vintage Sports Car Races

Registration for the 2021 running of the Put-in-Bay Vintage Sports Car Races is now open.

Car Catcher: A Fully Prepared Triumph TR4 Vintage Racer

This TR4 is ready to go vintage racing straight out of the box.

Inexpensive Vintage Racing Now Available at Atlanta Motorsports Park

Looking for an inexpensive venue to run your vintage race car? Atlanta Motorsports Park is now offering “affordable sports car racing” events.

Vintage Racing articles

Shop Work: 10 Speed Secrets for the Rest of Us

Expert Carl Heideman shares his 10 vintage racing secrets for success on your average race weekend in performance.

Features: Driver Data 2.0: Leaving Yesterday’s Stopwatch in the Dust

It’s time to put your clipboard and stopwatch in mothballs. So much valuable on-track information is there for the taking, and recent advances in data acquisition have made it easier than ever for drivers to collect it, evaluate it, and use it to run quicker lap times.

Features: The Changing Face of Vintage Racing

How Has the Sport Evolved, and Where Is It Headed?

Features: Back in the Saddle: NASCAR Legend Ray Evernham Returns to the Track as a Vintage Road Racer

NASCAR Legend Ray Evernham Returns to the Track as a Vintage Road Racer.

Vintage Views: Sports 2000: Robust, Dependable and Fun, This Simpler Take on Can-Am Has Found a Welcome Home in Historic Racing

Robust, Dependable and Fun, This Simpler Take on Can-Am Has Found a Welcome Home in Historic Racing

Features: 10 Lessons All Racers Wish They'd Learned Earlier in Their Careers

Racing can age a person quickly. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but the learning curve at nearly every level is so steep that if you stick with it, you will become a better, smarter and safer driver.

Features: A Mercedes-Benz 190SL Built for the Track

After more than a decade of racing this 190SL, owner Doug Radix has never seen another on the track.

Features: 35 Bits of Friendly Racing Advice from the Pros

Looking to make the plunge into vintage racing? Here are a few tips from the professionals.

Shop Work: 10 Tips To Prepare for a Great Vintage Race Season

Did winter bring the end of the vintage racing season? Here are 10 things you can do to prepare for the next one in spring.

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