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Car Catcher: Single-Owner Lotus Elise

What's more to love than a single-owner Lotus Elise?

Car Catcher: Factory Supercharged 2008 Lotus Elise

A factory supercharged, low-mileage 2008 Lotus Elise is about as good as it gets.

Car Catcher: Can We Call This Lotus Elise the Best of Both Worlds?

Want the added fun of the Sport Package with the livability of the Touring Package? This 2005 Lotus Elise has you covered.

Car Catcher: The Last Panoz Esperante GT2

Wire Wheel Classic Sports Cars is offering this 2006 Panoz Esperante GTLM GT2 that is said to be the last of its kind built by Panoz.

Car Catcher: One of 12 Left-Hand-Drive Lotus Elise Motorsport

Not only is this 2000 Lotus Elise Motorsport one of only 65 examples worldwide, but it's also one of only 12 left-hand-drive models built by Lotus and imported into the United States.

Car Catcher: Is Green the Best Color for a Lotus Elise?

If you're anything like us, green is almost always an appropriate color choice for British sports cars. Case in point: This 2007 Lotus Elise from Wire Wheel.

Car Catcher: Right-Hand-Drive 1992 TVR Griffith

Once a car turns 25 years old, it can be legally imported into the United States. That's why this 1992 TVR Griffith 400 from England now lives on this side of the pond.

Car Catcher: A Single-Owner, One-of-50 Lotus Elise Type 72D Special Edition

This 2007 Lotus Elise Type 72D Special Edition celebrates the 35th anniversary of the Lotus 72's domination of the 1972 Formula 1 championship.

Car Catcher: Factory Supercharged Lotus Exige V6 Cup

Although no longer based on the Elise, this 2016 Lotus Exige V6 Cup from WireWheel attempts to push the formula as far as it can go.

Car Catcher: A Future-Classic Lotus Elise That Won't Break the Bank

This 2007 Lotus Elise offers lightweight, rear-wheel-drive performance with reliable, Toyota-based power for just $29,900.

Car Catcher: SCCA-Approved Lotus Elise Motorsport

What sets this track-ready Elise apart? It is said to be one of two built by Lotus specifically to meet SCCA homologation rules.

Car Catcher: Single-Owner, One-Of-Nine Lotus Evora 410 Sport GP

This 2017 Lotus Evora 410 Sport GP Edition, available at Wire Wheel Classic Sports Cars, is said to be one of only nine brought over to the United States.

Car Catcher: A Surprisingly Street-Legal Lotus Exige S

This 2007 Lotus Exige S from Wire Wheel Classic Sports Cars adds a factory supercharger to the already hardcore Exige.

Car Catcher: A British Racing Green MG TF

This 1955 MG TF 1500 represents the last model in the T-type line before it was replaced by the MGA.

Car Catcher: A Rare Super Safety Lotus Elan SE

This 1968 Lotus Elan SE from Wire Wheel Classic Sports Cars is said to be a mechanically sound "Super Safety" model that's ready to restore.

Car Catcher: Well-Optioned, Low-Mileage Lotus Evora

This 2011 Lotus Evora available from Wire Wheel Classic Sports Cars comes finished in Carbon Grey over Paprika, and is said to only have 28,750 miles on the odometer.

Car Catcher: Pre-Production Prototype Lotus 340R

What makes this 1999 Lotus 340R particularly special? It's reported to be a pre-production prototype with very low mileage.

Car Catcher: Prototype Thrills for Less Than the Price of a New BMW M3

This 2006 Juno SS3 V6 is considered to be the final evolution of Juno's SS range, and is being offered by Wire Wheel Classic Sports Cars.

Car Catcher: Touring Package-Equipped, Low-Mileage Lotus Exige S

This 2007 Lotus Exige S from Wire Wheel Classic Sports Cars is what happens when you add a factory supercharger to the already extreme Exige.

Car Catcher: A Lotus Evora Ready To Go Grand Touring

This 2012 Lotus Evora for sale from Wire Wheel is equipped with the optional “Intelligent Precision Shift” six-speed automatic transmission.

Car Catcher: A Silver-Over-Tan Lotus Elise From the First U.S. Model Year

This 2005 Lotus Elise for sale from Wire Wheel Classic Sports Cars is a Series 2 example from the very first year the car was offered for sale in the United States.

Car Catcher: Low Mileage, British Racing Green Lotus Elise

This 2009 Lotus Elise is reported having only 19,600 miles on its odometer and comes equipped with the optional touring package.

Car Catcher: The Panoz Roadster Is Like a V8-Powered Lotus 7

This 1992 Panoz Roadster from Wire Wheel Classic Sports Cars is reported to be chassis #10 of 44 and is said to have only 2200 miles on the odometer.

Car Catcher: A Lola B2K/40 With an Extensive Racing History

This 2000 Lola B2K/40 from Wire Wheel Classic Sports Cars is said to come with a lengthy racing history that includes the 24 Hours of Daytona and 12 Hours of Sebring.

Car Catcher: The Astrological-Themed Rover Mini Equinox Edition

This 1995 Rover Mini is a limited "Equinox" edition that features motifs of the moon and stars.

Car Catcher: A Low-Mileage 2015 Birkin S3, a Modern Take on the Lotus Super Seven

This supercharged 2015 Birkin S3 is said to only have 1700 miles on its odometer.

Car Catcher: A Lotus 61 Converted To Race in Formula B

Originally built to run in Formula Ford, this Lotus 61 was converted to run in Formula B.

Car Catcher: A Nightfall Blue Lotus Elise

The Lotus Elise is unique in that it combines the light weight and responsive handling of a sports car with Japanese reliability.

Car Catcher: One of 50 Lotus Elise Type 72D Special Editions

Only 50 examples of the Type 72D Special Edition Elise were built worldwide to celebrate the anniversary of the Type 72D's victories back in the day.

Car Catcher: Touring Package-Equipped Lotus Elise

Despite a relatively benign engine, the Lotus Elise is still a capable mid-engine sports car.

Car Catcher: A Recently Restored Lotus 61

A Formula Ford-spec Lotus 61 for less than $30,000.

Car Catcher: A One-of-30, Final-Edition Lotus Exige S 260

Only 30 examples of the Lotus Exige S 260 were built. This is one of them.

Car Catcher: A Factory-Supercharged Lotus Elise

This Elise is unique as it sports a factory-equipped supercharger.

Car Catcher: A Monaco White Elise With a Factory Hardtop

This Elise from 2009 features a factory hardtop and the optional touring package.

Car Catcher: An Australian-Built Mini Moke

Originally designed for the British military, the Moke is kind of like the Fiat Jolly of old-school Minis.

Car Catcher: A One of 12, Land-Hand-Drive Lotus Elise Motorsport

Not only one of 65 ever built, but one of only 12 configured as left-hand-drive models for the United States.

Car Catcher: Could This Caterham Lola Be a Great Vintage Race Car Someday?

Maybe this one's a little too new for vintage racing, but someday it just might be the perfect old-school track car.

Car Catcher: A Mazda RX-8 With Daytona Racing History

An RX-8 with Daytona racing history and over $90,000 in spares.

Car Catcher: A Drop-Top Morris Minor

Finished in British racing green, nonetheless.

Car Catcher: An Early Red Triumph TR4

This TR4 features a new generator and fuel hoses, as well as rebuilt brakes and front suspension.

Car Catcher: A Well-Documented Lola T290

A T290 with "period Le Mans history."

Car Catcher: A Lola T212 With a Recently Rebuilt Engine

A T212 with full documentation and FIA passports included.

Car Catcher: One of Only Four Panoz Trans-Am Race Cars

Panoz won the 2002 Trans Am series with a car just like this one.

Car Catcher: Single-Owner Lotus Elise Motorsport

One of only 65 examples ever built by Lotus

Car Catcher: A Fully Prepared Triumph TR4 Vintage Racer

This TR4 is ready to go vintage racing straight out of the box.

Car Catcher: Low-Milage, One-of-50 Lotus Sport Elise

This one-of-50 Sport Elise is a low-mileage example with only two previous owners.

Car Catcher: A Rare Vixen-Body, M-Chassis TVR 2500

One of only 96 TVR 2500s built using the later M Series chassis.

Car Catcher: An Earlier-Model-Year Triumph TR6 With Overdrive

This 1971 Triumph TR6 for sale comes with optional overdrive, three SU carburetors, front and rear sway bars, and chrome wire wheels.

Car Catcher: A Well-Equipped Lotus Exige S

The more extreme version of the already bonkers Exige, good for 218 horsepower and a 0-60 time of 4.1 seconds.

Car Catcher: A Single-Owner, Low-Milage Lotus Elise

This Elise has only 6550 miles and comes with complete records since new.

Car Catcher: A Ready-to-Drive Elise With Factory Hardtop

This Elise is equipped with both the factory hardtop and the Touring Package.

Car Catcher: A 1275cc-Powered Bugeye Sprite

A Bugeye Sprite with a number of upgrades that includes an Austin 1275cc engine.

A Lola T290 With Le Mans Racing History | Car Catcher

This Lola–chassis number HU1–comes with paperwork that acknowledges its history Le Mans.

Sebring-winning Panoz Esperante GTLM | Car Catcher

Not only a Sebring winner, this Esperante GTLM also raced twice at Le Mans, and is said to be the longest-running GT2 car in ALMS history, from 2004-'09.

The modern version of the iconic Eleven: The Lotus 2-Eleven | Car Catcher

Think of the 2-Eleven as a more modern–and much faster–version of the Lotus Eleven.

A late VW Super Beetle Convertible | Car Catcher

This drop-top Super Beetle is one of the last model years the original Beetle was sold in North America.

Upping the ante with a factory supercharger: the Lotus Elise SC | Car Catcher

This factory-supercharged Elise shows less than 50,000 miles on its odometer.

First-year Lotus Exige S | Car Catcher

This Exige S is reported to be in "excellent condition" with less than 52,000 miles.

Mostly original Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite | Car Catcher

This Bugeye Sprite comes powered by a 1275cc engine.

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