Looking for a modern Targa Florio? Try the Targa Tasmania. | Video


When’s the last time you saw a Dodge Viper ACR and a Ford Anglia run in the same event?

That’s what went down at the 2021 Targa Tasmania, an event inspired by the Targa Florio and run every year on the Australian island of Tasmania since 1992.

Check out the highlight reel from this year’s event—what’s your favorite and what car would you run? 

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Keith Tanner
Keith Tanner MegaDork
6/1/21 11:31 a.m.

And if you don't feel like changing hemispheres, the Targa Newfoundland is still around. Hopefully.

Shaun Dork
6/2/21 6:28 p.m.

Geeez, I thought there were roos is tassie?

Carsandbikes Reader
6/2/21 8:13 p.m.

In 1972, while I was temporarily stationed at Sigonella, Sicily, the Morale and Welfare Department of the Navy base took a busload of us to the Targa Florio.   Aside from 1 or 2 dirt oval tracks, the closest that I had ever gotten to a professional road racing track was standing outside the track at Watkins Glen.

Anyway, when the bus dumped us near the track I realized my chances of seeing any action were pretty slim to none.   We had no idea where the bleachers were, no idea where to find tickets for the bleachers, and no one had binoculars. 

While waiting for the noise that signalled the start of a race that I expected to hear, if I couldn't see it, I noticed a lot of cars lining a road about 50-100 feet away.  Many cars had newspapers lining the windows which I figured were to help turn the small sedans into impromptu sleeping areas.

Imagine my surprise when the race started and the race cars snaked through the parked cars in front of me as they made their way around the track.  I had never seen a race run partly through city streets before, at least not outside the movies.

As I understand it, that was the last Targa Florio run on city streets before the race was moved to a nearby, purpose-built track.

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