The Post-War Beetles Built for the British Army | Video

Following the end of the Second World War, the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg (renamed from "City of the Strength Through Joy Car at Fallersleben") was handed over to the British after it was captured by the American Army.

The story goes that the bombed-out factory was to be dismantled and sent to the United Kingdom, but after it was clear that no one wanted it, the factory stayed put.

Instead, the British reestablished production of the Beetle–then called the Type 1–which not only supplied jobs to the local German population but also much-needed vehicles for the occupying British Army.

This video from 1946 shows some of those first post-war British Army Beetles rolling off the production line and promptly being put through their paces.

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So is this the missing link between why vw's do everything but electrics well? They were british after the war, and it rubbed off? 

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