Which '70s icon: Alfa Romeo Spider or Triumph TR6?


Back in the 1970s, the Alfa Romeo Spider and Triumph TR6 competed for market share. How do they compete these days?

To find out, we asked Editorial Director David S. Wallens and Production Director J.G. Pasterjak.

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Carl Feickert
Carl Feickert
7/25/20 7:09 a.m.

I have owned both an Alfa and have owned my TR6 for 25 years. Both cars are wonderful  entry/mid level classic cars to own. (Although when I owned the Alfa it was just considered a used car). I recently installed a 5speed from a Toyota Celica and definitely agree it greatly improves the driving experience. I agree with the statement of the "tight" interior space comments on the TR but you can't beat the classic british look, plus all the buttons/knobs are right "there". The TR is also easy to work on (simple) if you have patience. I will probably own the TR until I am too old drive (many, many years from now) and will always look for curvy road to drive on. My 2 cents.

Carl - 74 TR6

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