Video: Tuning, and Then Driving, the Lamborghini Miura From the Opening of the Italian Job

It's not very often that you get to experience a Lamborghini Miura up close, let alone the one that was used in the opening scene from "The Italian Job."

Classic car expert Iain Tyrrell jumped at the opportunity to not only tune up the car's engine, but to also drive it through the Alps–just like that famous opening scene.

As a special bonus, he even interviewed the man who styled the Miura, Marcello Gandini.

wspohn Dork
8/15/20 2:44 p.m.

Great video, thanks.

My old Lambo had about the same ouput as the early Miura but side draft rather than downdraft carbs. And the Miura straight cut gearbox sure sounded more interesting than mine (which had synchro on all 5 forward speeds as well as reverse).

Can't think of an engine I like the sound of more.  I outraged the purists in the vintage Lambo circuit by removing one set of mufflers so I could atually hear the exhaust!

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