What makes the C8 Corvette so good? | Video


The C8 Corvette represents a major departure for the model: mid-engine design and honest, coil-over suspension. And it’s fast, too. Really fast.

[Is the C8 the best Chevrolet Corvette ever made? Track test and data review.]

How did GM engineers pack all of that goodness inside? We put a C8 on the lift and take a deeper look. Presented by CRC Industries.

BA5 Reader
10/8/21 6:49 p.m.

I think they mounted the lower front ball joint upside down so they could raise that front lower arm.  That lets them lower to roll center a bit.

I also wonder if they do that sometimes because they're concerned about popping out the ball joint. That loads the ball joint in compression instead of trying to pull the ball joint out of the socket.

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