orthoxstice Reader
8/1/22 5:44 p.m.

1993 940 sedan with 230k miles. It's a Regina car. I bought this car in 2012 and it's been through a series of other owners over the last ten years until it made its way back to me. The car runs and drives and has a current (4/2023) PA inspection. 

New in the past 6 months: 
- Shocks and strut inserts (KYB)
- Pads, at least one caliper, maybe some other brake components
- Ball joints and tie-rod ends
- Alternator bushings
- Plugs, plug wires (bougicord), cap and rotor
- Water pump
- Starla exhaust catback

It has blue cloth seats out of a '91 740 because the tan leather ones were so shredded. Has a 4.10 G80 rear that works. 

- pinhole in the pipe right after the cat which you can hear at idle
- motor mounts are shot and the car has the resultant wiggle and shake when stopped
- sunroof epoxied shut (one of the previous owners)
- A/C refrigerant will leak out in about two weeks but the A/C works when charged
- Power antenna is stuck halfway up
- Currently on 9 year old Michelin Ice-X snow tires that should be replaced (I kept the good tires, sorry)
- Swapped in 760 headlights but the fogs are not hooked up. 
- Paint is not good. Clear has flaked off much of the roof. Small rust spot on the rear pass wheel well from a minor hit in a parking lot. Other scrapes, dents, etc...

$1300 for the grm gang. DM me or text 908-328-1998. 

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