International Harvester | Car Catcher | Scout II | Mosing Motorcars
So much gold and brown: A Selective Edition International Harvester Scout II | Car Catcher

This Scout II comes equipped with the “Selective Edition” package, which added features like gold-spoke wheels and gold accent stripes.

Tech Tips: Triumph TR6

What does it take to own the iconic and capable Triumph TR6? Our experts share their knowledge.

How to Restore a Car, Part 4: Rebuilding Brake Calipers | Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite Project | Video

After disassembling, media blasting and properly organizing our 1960 Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite, we could tackle one of our first big projects: converting the Sprite from drum brakes to discs. Before we do …

A Bad or Missing Title Can Derail That Project | Column

Sure, you can get a title for a car that has a bad or missing title, but it’s never easy.

Microcars: Go Small or Go Home | Video

Can small cars yield big fun? Yup. Let’s check out Patty Schwarze’s collection: Fiat Multipla, Messerschmitt KR200 Sport, Goggomobil TS Coupe, BMW 700, BMW Isetta 600 Limo, Citroën 2CV, Heinkel …

brakes | Tech Talk
Tech Talk: Diagnosing Classic Brakes

Don’t Settle for So-So Performance From Your Classic’s Brakes

Developing a Project Car Plan for a Fun Street Sprite | Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite Project

Formulating how we will turn this tired race machine into a hot street car.

Alfa Romeo | BMW | Daimler | Honda | Kit Car & Replica | Mercedes-Benz | Porsche | Sunbeam | Triumph | TVR
Step Away From Normalcy With One of These Cars

With an oddball, you’ll never pass yourself on the open road, and at car shows you are less likely to be pinned down by some self-professed expert. Instead, you get …

Accesssories | Period Correct
Picking Period Correct Accessories for Your Classic

Period correct doesn't mean it can't be customized. Here is a list of accessories that will spruce up your classic without running those old-school looks.

BMW | M6 | Buyer's Guide | Coming Soon
Everything you Need to Know Before Buying an E24-chassis BMW M6 | Coming Soon to an Issue Near You

Want an M6 but don't know where to start? We asked the experts for all the info you'll need before you make a purchase.

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