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Do you prefer to drive highways or back roads?

When you have to travel by car, do you prefer to take highways or stick to the back roads?

Colin Wood
Simple steps to get your classic running again

To run, a car only needs fuel and spark–although that spark has to occur at roughly the right time.

Carl Heideman
Video: How to properly disassemble a project car

Many people might think that disassembling that new project car is the easy part, but missteps in this early stage can quickly make your restoration more difficult later down the …

Chris Tropea
Alfa Romeo | Mazda | MG | Triumph | Miata | spider | mgb | TR6 | Car Comparison
Which classic roadster? | Alfa Spider vs. MGB vs. TR6 vs. Miata

We test the Alfa Spider, MGB, TR6 and Miata against each other to find out which one offers the biggest bang for your buck.

Tim Suddard
Datsun | Nissan | 510
No longer a five and dime special: Datsun 510 buyer's guide

Once a disposable car, the Datsun 510 has become a serious collector's item.

David S. Wallens
Monterey Car Week | Monterey Kickoff
Classic Motorsports Monterey Kickoff: Less than 90 days away

Our celebration of the start of Monterey Car Week, the Classic Motorsports Monterey Kickoff, is less than 90 days away. Make sure you preregister your car before the number of …

Colin Wood
Datsun | Cars For Sale | Hagerty Marketplace
This 1982 Datsun 280ZX is all original and well cared for

This two-owner Datsun 280ZX features its original paint and original interior, plus it shows just under 71,000 original miles.

J.A. Ackley
Volkswagen | Restoration | insulation | Super Beetle | Design Engineering
Making our Beetle more comfortable with an all-in-one insulation kit

A complete interior insulation kit that can be easily installed with little modification? That's what Design Engineering, Inc. says of its complete custom kits.

Chris Tropea
Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals
Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals evolves for a new generation

Why the evolution of the annual Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals from British classics to Japanese and European imports isn't a bad thing.

Tim Suddard
Video: How to rebuild a brake caliper at home

Whether you are making the switch to disc brakes or are fitting new-to-you calipers on your project, you probably should take the time to rebuild them before hitting the road. …

Chris Tropea
Upgrading our GT350’s battery for improved cranking power

Before our Shebly GT350 heads out for its next long-distance trip, we need a fresh battery–one that can keep up with the demands of a high-compression V8.

Tim Suddard
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