Building a front engine mount when you don’t have one

No front engine mount? No problem. Here's how we built our own.

The Secret Shelby Coupes That Never Raced, Part 1

The 390 Monza and 427 Type 65 Le Mans Prototypes never made it to a race, but why?

Restoration tip: Make sure the trim fits before you paint

The worst time to figure out your trim doesn't fit? After spending hours painting the body.

Jaguar | Cars For Sale
British icon in incredible shape | 1952 Jaguar XK120 for sale

Numbers-matching and British Racing Green, what's not to like?

Alfa Romeo | spider
Picking the Best Version of the Alfa Romeo Spider

Say you have a hole in your garage and would like to fill it with an Alfa Romeo Spider. Which one to buy? Let us help you with that decision.

Dodge | Cars For Sale
Only 5200 miles on it | 1998 Dodge Viper GTS for sale

This modified Viper has plenty of miles left in.

MG | mgc
An MGC Coupe That Recalls the Glory Days of Motorsport

What do you do with a one-of-a-kind recreation of a two-of-a-kind race car? Drive it.

Cadillac | Cars For Sale
One of the first Caddies ever made | 1903 Cadillac Model A for sale

Not just any pre-war Caddy, but one of the first models ever made by the company.

BMW | e36 | M3 | Buyer's Guide
BMW E36 M3 | Buyer's Guide

This factory hotrod is suddenly a hot property

Dyno | Shop Work
Fall in Love With Dyno Tuning in 9 Easy Steps

The dynamometer still seems steeped in controversy and confusion in the classic car world, so here are 9 steps to follow when taking your classic to the dyno.

Triumph | Cars For Sale
Rebuilt to perform like a Le Mans racer | 1957 Triumph TR3 for sale

This TR3 was rebuilt to recapture the thrill of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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