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Mercury Cyclone Cale Yarborough Special with unique specs

Of the 617 Mercury Cyclone Cale Yarborough Specials built, this one is extra rare as it was fitted with the Drag Pack, a 428 Super Cobra Jet V8, and a …

J.A. Ackley
Restoration | Project car | Bugeye Sprite
Video: How to keep a disassembled project organized

Now that our 1960 Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite project has been disassembled and media-blasted, one of the biggest challenges from here on out is keeping all of those loose pieces and parts organized. How do …

Chris Tropea
BMW | Buyer's Guide
A BMW for any budget

Don’t have a million for an M1 Procar? How about something else from the famed brand?

David S. Wallens
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New from Coker Tire: Period-correct whitewalls for popular classics

If you've been looking for period-correct whitewall tires for your classic, check out the new Coker Classic Star Series.

Staff Writer
Datsun | Datsun 510 | Buyer's Guide
How to keep a Datsun 510 properly maintained

The Datsun 510 showed the world that Japan could build a sports sedan. Over fifty years later, it remains a solid cult classic.

Staff Writer
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The very first Vixen 2500 produced by TVR

Not just any TVR Vixen 2500, but the very first one produced by TVR.

Colin Wood
Tucker | Cars For Sale | Broad Arrow Auctions
Tucker 48 once owned by George Lucas

In addition to retaining its original engine, this well-documented Tucker 48 was once owned by famed director George Lucas.

J.A. Ackley
Alfa Romeo | Montreal
This Alfa Romeo Montreal made a promising racer. What went wrong?

This Alfa Romeo Montreal has the style and the sound, but where’s the glory?

Johan Dillen
Cobra | Replica
Video: Can a replica Cobra be just as good as the original?

Is it possible to accurately replicate the original Shelby Cobra formula? Can it even be improved with modern components? We get the chance to find out with Classic Motorsports Publisher …

Chris Tropea
Stay out of your own way: 8 tips on how to better assemble a car

Whether you are working on a priceless Ferrari or a commonplace Beetle, here are eight tips to ensure correct reassembly.

Tim Suddard
BMW | Z8 | Buyer's Guide
BMW Z8: What you need to know before you buy

Expert tips on buying and maintaining a BMW Z8.

David S. Wallens
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