How to easily measure bolts

Is that bin of miscellaneous hardware driving you nuts? Here’s how to easily measure Metric and Standard/American/Imperial bolts with a few simple tools.

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Have you ever seen an “Outlaw” Lancia Aurelia B20 GT before?

Think the Outlaw treatment is only for Porsches? This Lancia says otherwise.

electrical | Spark | Ignition
9 easy steps to diagnosing ignition problems

As it turns out, most common ignition problems are actually easy to diagnose.

Ford | Lotus | cortina | Buyer's Guide | Lotus Cortina
Lotus Cortina | From sedate sedan to lethal track weapon

This is the story of how the Ford Cortina–with help from Lotus–became a true giant killer on track.

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One of the few AC 428 Frua Fastbacks delivered to the U.S.

Since this AC 428 is one of only three delivered to the U.S., it's unlikely you'll see another on the road anytime soon.

Top 5 tips and tricks to make fabrication easy

Before you start fabricating all those bits and brackets, how about learning some basic concepts first? Here are five of our favorite fabrication tips and tricks to make your project …

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Well-appointed, low-mileage Lotus Elise

This Elise comes factory upgraded with improved track prowess–and comfort, too.

How to prepare a Porsche 911 for the world's toughest classic rally

How can you convert an old-school Porsche 911 into a machine capable of conquering the East Africa Safari Classic–better known as the toughest classic rally in the world? [Is the …

wheels | Safety | König
A quick wheel inspection now can prevent a headache later

Are your wheels still safe to drive on? Here's how to check.

Porsche | 997 | 911 | Porsche 911 | 996 | Buyer's Guide | Stoddard | G-body | LN Engineering
Could your latest classic actually come from the computer age?

Can a later car deliver the classic Porsche 911 ownership experience? Our trip down this path has taught us a few things.

9 steps to get the most out of your sale | How to sell a car: Part 3

Ready to sell? A proper game plan can help you fetch top dollar.

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