How to use a multimeter to test automotive switches

Ever finish installing a bunch of switches only to find out that some of them don’t actually work? The good news is that there's an easy way to avoid this headache: …

Rolls-Royce | Spirit of Ecstasy
Happy 112th Birthday, Spirit of Ecstasy

What's your favorite version of the iconic lady of Rolls-Royce?

Siata Daina Gran Sport
Uncommon beauty: The Siata Daina Gran Sport

This Siata Gran Sport offers beauty, hand-crafted Italian styling and world-class handling. And the odds of seeing another one on the road are just about nil.

Mercedes- Benz | Avus Circuit | SSKL
This revolutionary Mercedes changed the racing world in 1932

The modern, aerodynamic race car can be traced back to this machine.

How to easily make a sheet metal patch

Perhaps not surprisingly, classic cars often spring holes of various shapes and sizes as they get older. Regardless if it’s caused by rust repair or–in our case, a modification–here is …

racing | Peter Brock | Baja | Column | Chili Bowl
Where to find the most authentic racing in America

Where can you find the best racing? According to Peter Brock, it's often where you aren't looking.

repair | trim | plastic
How to repair plastic trim

Have a broken piece of trim that’s not available anymore? Here’s how to fix it right.

Ford | Mustang | Buyer's Guide
American classic ownership made easy? | First-generation Ford Mustang Buyer's Guide

Whether it's a first-time classic or the 100th, can you really go wrong with a Mustang?

Peugeot | Indy 500 | Indianapolis Motor Speedway | pre war cars
The French rebels that revolutionized the racing world

The modern race engine didn't just appear out of thin air–it was born out of a group of rebellious Peugeot drivers and engineers in the early 20th century.

Glovebox Companion | Braking
10 tips for safe, sure-footed brakes

A car that can’t come to a safe, sure stop has no business being on the road or track.

NSU | spider | rotary | Wankel | Rotary engine | NSU Spider
Before we had the Mazda RX-7, NSU gave us its rotary-powered Spider

Mazda may be best known for popularizing the Wankel rotary engine, but Germany's NSU was one of the first companies to bring it to market.

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