How to savor the past with classic cars | Peter Brock column

Sure, new cars are often safer, quieter, more reliable and more comfortable, but driving classic cars isn't about those qualities—it's about enjoying something from another era.

Datsun | Nissan | Silvia
The Rare, Original Nissan Silvia

Although the original Nissan Silvia didn't sell well, its design paved the way for the 240Z and now exists as a rare and desirable Japanese classic.

Auction | Buying
Pay or walk away? | 8 steps to mechanically inspect that potential purchase

Before you purchase that classic, inspect these 8 items first.

Chevrolet | Cars For Sale
Why not a cult classic? | Chevrolet Cosworth Vega for sale

Available for less than $14,000, this cult classic won't break the bank.

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Cocomats: A chic and sustainable automotive accessory now offers more options than ever to best match your car's interior needs.

Shop Work | Body Work | Door Skin
Door Skin Replacement Made Easy

It may sound difficult, but replacing a door skin can be relatively easy if you have a few basic tools and a bit of instruction.

Porsche | Sponsored Content | Fantasy Junction | Cars For Sale
Driven by Hurley Haywood, Vern Shuppan and James Weaver | Porsche 962 for sale

Does it get any better than a legendary race car piloted by legendary drivers?

BMW | 1600
Subtle Upgrades Make This BMW 1600 Sing

John Lorio admits to being a Datsun fan, but that didn't stop an early admiration of the BMW 1600.

BMW | M1 | M1 Procar
Celebrating 50 years of BMW Motorsport with the M1 Procar, the short-lived spec racer

The dream of sending the M1 into Group 4 and 5 didn’t quite materialize, so BMW went in a different direction with a spec series: M1 Procar.

Datsun | 240Z | BRE | Baja
BRE’s Baja Datsun 240Z Kisses the Asphalt Goodbye

Peter Brock created what is likely the only Datsun 240Z to finish the Baja 500. The car also ran the Baja 1000 later in the 1973 season, but then disappeared …

Ford | Sponsored Content | Mosing Motorcars | Cars For Sale
For sale: a limited-edition Ford Mustang California Special

Although production for 5000 Mustang GT/CS "California Specials" were planned, only 3200 were said to have been built.

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