greggearhead New Reader
1/9/16 3:44 p.m.

I've got a bunch of New Old Stock steering wheels - Brown, grey and white. I have one black and one blue that aren't leather and I don't have photos of yet.

Two of them are brown - have some minor shelf wear, but nothing bad. Cool, period, unique sports steering wheels. If you have a brown interior, you need one of these. They have removable center pads with horn buttons on the 'thumb' spokes. The adapter pattern is Raid/Nardi/Personal/Dino. I usually have a couple of adapter rings that go from Nardi to Momo type (if you already have a Momo adapter) and bring the wheel about 12-13mm closer to you in the seat. Those are $25.

The first is a flat (no dish) 3 spoke wheel. It's a larger wheel at 400mm/15.75" diameter. Little storage residue on the rim, but should clean off well. Spokes have 2 holes per if you were to run without the pad.



Second wheel - 4 spoke, smaller diameter at 390mm/15.25". Has a moderate dish, around 1.5" from the centerline of the grip. Different grip diameters at top and bottom vs. the sides of the wheels.



Grey 3 spoke, 400mm diameter with thumb horn buttons. Almost flat, very mild dish. Has some light depressions in the center pad, would likely massage out with a hair drier, or time. Some glue residue, likely clean off, but it's there.

$100 plus ship.


Last is a smaller white, 4 spoke wheel. Has a slight dish of about 1/2". Diameter is 360mm. Also has adhesive residue, few more spots than the grey.

$100 plus ship


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