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1/31/23 12:49 a.m.

I’ve been hoping to replace the scuffed-up and faded turn signals on my Aprilia SXV 550, but can’t seem to find the correct ones. The turn signals have a single M8 stud with wiring running through the center of it, and a nut on the backside. Here’s my bike for reference:

In my decades of motorcycling experience, this is how I understood turn signals to be attached. I ordered the replacement parts listed on the AF1 Racing website (premier Aprilia dealer in the States) for 2008, but they have an offset tab behind the wiring, and the tab has a hole for an M6 fastener. There is no mounting hardware where the wires come out. My bike only has one hole for wiring plus fastener, and it is sized M8. There isn’t enough room on the flat mounting surface to add a second hole for an M6 bolt. The flat spot is tiny, basically only a skosh bigger than the size of the stalk.

Here’s the new turn signals, correct shape, but can't be mounted as they came:

Here’s the only SXV turn signal (I think of it as '06-early '07 style) I’ve found online with the correct type of mount, but it is the wrong style/shape to be correct for my bike:


It would seem I have a bike with the 2008-onwards style, but the 2006-2007 mounting standard.

I started some web searches and it looks like the tab style mount is also used on Triumphs, and also on some Rizoma brand aftermarket turn signals. I found adapters to put the tab style in a bike that didn't come with them originally, but nothing the other way (the direction I need.) 

I'm well aware that there are 80 bajillion aftermarket signals that would be a functional replacement, but I haven't found an aesthetic match, and the styling of this bike as is unmatched, and AFAIK, one doesn't mess with generic aftermarket stuff on something so iconic. Would you put Pep Boys turn signals/taillights on a Ferrari? 

With some elbow grease, a small chunk of aluminum, an M8 stud, some time, and my milling machine I can solve this problem, but I'm all ears for an easier off-the-shelf solution  for the correct (or very close) style of signal or an adapter if anyone can help. Thanks in advance!

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