Mar 1, 2014 update to the Mercedes-Benz 230 S project car

Heading Into the Orange Blossoms

Can you tell that we are having an absolute blast with this project car? We'll report on the rally as it unfolds.

With our Mercedes project all but done, we decided our next test would be to take this lowly Mercedes on one of these upscale 1000-mile classic car rallies.

To keep things simple and insure eligibility, we chose our own Orange Blossom Tour held March 2-7, 2014. While not a competitive rally, this would give us a real feel for what this car would be like to live with for 1000 miles of relatively sporting driving. Politically, it would also be interesting to see how this car went over with this seemingly highbrow crowd.

Speaking of politics: There are little or none at most of these types of rallies. We have entered all kinds of cars in all kinds of rallies and have been accepted universally. Our lowly Mercedes was invited by Vintage Rallies to their New England 1000 event, as well as to the Going to the Sun Rally.

To prep for our Orange Blossom Tour, we simply checked all our fluids and tire pressures, and nut-and-bolt checked the car. From there, we assembled a tool and spares kit, then took the hub caps back off and applied some silly lettering to give our car that bad-ass Monte Carlo rally look again.

Can you tell that we are having an absolute blast with this project car? We’ll report on the rally as it unfolds.

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