Jul 20, 2012 update to the Volvo 1800S project car

Our Volvo Gets Paint and Rust Repair

The car is ready for stripping and rust repair
Not only were the outriggers rusty and crushed, they welded the replacements over the rusty old ones
This is how the outriggers should look installed.
Why did they use the trunk as a painting place for the fuel door?
The rockers were solid and in nice shape.
Here is the car in the booth for priming and painting.
We did lots of sanding...
...and more sanding.

We knew our Volvo needed some rust repair when we bought the car. The biggest issue we were aware of was that the outriggers were not only rusted but pretty mangled from being jacked up incorrectly over the years.

We got new outriggers from Mike Dudek at Iroll Motors. We also got a lot of additional sheet metal for the car, should we find the need for it once the car is stripped.

We took the car to our friends at Dan RR Autobody who and the same guys that painted our 1968 Fiat paint for rust repair and all paint work.

We found that it had much fewer needs than we thought after we stripped it. The rockers were amazingly intact. They had been replaced in the past, but the work was done nicely. The little rust we encountered, we repaired by cutting it out and replacing it with the sheet metal.

At the same time we replaced all the rubber weather stripping on the car, as well as the windshield.

At this point it was primer time. Our paint shop, DanRR Autobody applied multiple coats of primer and sanded the car between each of the four coats.

The final color on the car went on perfectly. The car looks amazing, and we are almost done with the project.

The final touch before the car’s first show was the addition of VTO Wheels to replace the ratty stock steel wheels the car came with. We feel that the wheels dress up the car nicely and were the perfect finishing touch.

We decided to show the car for the first time at the Carlisle Import Nationals this year. The car was a big hit with many people complimenting us on the work we’d done. We even received a few offers from people wanting to buy the car.

Next up is some interior work, which will include door panels and steering wheel, as well as new wheels and a first car show.

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