Jan 22, 2005 update to the MG Midget project car

A Little More Metal Work Before Mud

A patch panel for the fender arch.
Big hole to fill.
We are getting there.
Next step, mud.

We keep saying we’re just about done with the welding, but this time we really mean it. There are two little pinholes left, and then it’s off for bodywork and paint. We got 12 inches of snow last night, so we’ll wait for a little nicer weather before we load the car up and take it home to start slinging bondo. By the way, keep those suggestions coming for the paint color…

We had to fix the right front fender lip. Due to some past collision damage and a poor welding job, the fender had lost all its strength in this area and had several cracks due to work hardening. We made a patch, welded it in, and ground it all smooth for a nice repair.

We also rolled the rear wheel arches to fit our new wheels and tires better. As you’ve seen, we like to do everything the hard way with this Midget and instead of using a 1973-74 “round wheel arch” car (where the rear wheel arches are round and do not enclose any of the wheel/tire), we’re using a 1971 (same as 1962-72, 1975-79) “square wheel arch” car (where the rear wheel arches make it impossible to fit a big wheel/tire combination). Using one of our favorite hammers, we rolled back the arches a bit to give us just a little more clearance. As crude as it looks, the method worked well for us. We’ll be showing off our wheel/tire combination soon.

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