Jul 13, 2004 update to the MG Midget project car

Trunk Repair

Our turnk lid has a luggage rack.
So, we patch the holes.
Patches in a box.
Weld in the patches.
Then grind down the welds.
What luggage rack?

Instead of fixing rust holes in the Midget, we thought we’d fix some other holes. The car previously had a luggage rack. We’re not going to reinstall it, so we had to fill the four holes drilled in the trunk lid where the rack was mounted.

The holes were too big to fill with welding wire, so we used a hole plug kit we got from Ron Covell Metalworking. It has steel plugs in various sizes for filling holes. Since the closest plug was a bit bigger than the holes in the trunk lid, we used a UniBit drill bit to slightly open each hole to the size of the plug. Then we MIG welded the plug in, ground it flush, then repeated the process for each hole in the trunk lid. After grinding, the repairs were virtually hidden.

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