Started on May 28 by Wally (Forum Supporter)

Chevrolet Cavalier


!999 Cavalier Coupe, just like the one your wife’s hair dresser drove. 4 cylinders of cast iron goodness with 8-count em 8 Pushrods. That’s more than you can get in any Honda, Porsche, or even Ferrari today. All that fury is coupled to a three speed automated gearbox that gives you the power of a four, but the mileage of a V8. and I don’t have to worry about any pesky shifting so I never have to put down my burger OR beverage. try that in you EVo or STI. Chicks dig it because if you’re willing to be seen in it, well… of course my wife still can’t believe I don’t have a Corvette o Lambo or something. In her words, “If anyone should be compensating for something”.

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