Started on Feb. 22 by ww

1972 Datsun '72 Ratsun BRE240Z

our rusted hulk that was given to us for free with no drivetrain and a busted right rear control arm… Turned into a BRE Nostalgia racer. We took it to the Z car corral at the Monterey Historic Races at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in 2010 where Pete Brock graced us with his presence and was kind enough to put his John Hancock on the drivers rear fender! The car is being campaigned in 24hrs of LeMons races in the California region with a best finish in 11th out of ~140 entries. Since it came with no drivetrain and to keep the costs down, we pulled the motor and transmission and other salvageable parts out of our previously totaled Fast & Furiouser 280ZX LeMons car. We cut the roof off the dead 280ZX and removed the roll cage before scrapping the rest of the body. We then had to remove the front and quarter windows to cut the roof off the 240Z where we then made some small (and SCCA legal!) modifications to make it fit properly in the 240Z. We welded the rusty parts of the rear control arm back together, did a string box alignment on it and sprayed it with BRE colors and christened it the Ratsun!

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