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Tim Suddard Tim Suddard

Born in 1960 in Wareham Massachusetts, Tim Suddard grew up the son and grandson of a Ford dealer. He began restoring cars at the age of 14 and still has the first car he restored, a 1929 Ford that his grandfather had sold brand new.

Shortly after graduating Stetson University in 1982 he decided that America’s car magazines focused too much on the wealthiest few, or those who dreamed of being the wealthiest few, so he started Grassroots Motorsports, a magazine geared towards regular people who enjoyed fixing up and playing with common, readily available sports cars.

This success lead to the formation of a second publication; Classic Motorsports, which has become America’s largest publication catering to classic sports car enthusiasts.

These publications led to an events business, that includes hosting the Classic Motorsports Mitty, one of the oldest and largest vintage races in America, the Ultimate Track Car Challenge and the $201X Challenge series of low cost events; that have been run for the last ten years.

He also does a variety of contract publishing work that includes publication of the Amelia Island Concours program, the World Challenge fan guide and other concours and race event programs.

He lives with his wife and partner, Marjorie and their two children, in Ormond Beach Florida. Suddard maintains, rallies and races a collection of about fifteen eclectic, mostly British, sports cars and has restored over 40 cars since that first Model A.

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