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Treating our BMW 435i to its first taste of fresh fluids

Whenever you buy a used car, it’s safe to assume that zero maintenance has been performed. And even if some routine maintenance has been performed, getting things to whatever baseline …

Can our E46 M3 run with a new Hyundai Elantra N?

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Building a street car that can theoretically survive a track day is one thing, but what does the data actually say? Does …

One simple trick to restore the steering feel of your E46 BMW

You like that headline, right?

So, our E46-chassis BMW M3. Its steering never felt awesome. Let’s call it a little soft, which is a polite way of calling it …

What’s in this BimmerWorld box?

A highlight of BMW ownership? Shipments from BimmerWorld.

What’d we get this time for our E46-chassis BMW M3? Hint: It’s smaller than a breadbox.

What to know before making the switch to wheel studs

Wheel bolts or wheel studs? Exactly. 

When we called BimmerWorld to order some studs for our E46-chassis BMW M3, we figured it would be a quick …

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