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Favorite V8 engine?

Tell us, what is your favorite assortment of eight cylinders arranged in a V pattern?

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Shop Work: Roller rockers | Can a simple bolt-on really yield big gains?

Rocker arms are used to articulate the valves in a number of older classics–but that begs an important question: Can the system be improved?

Columns: EVs or not, the internal combustion engine continues to be improved

Even in an age of ever-growing electrification, new advancements in internal combustion are still emerging.

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How making an engine lighter can produce more power

With the bottom end in our BMW 318is done, it was time to move into the valvetrain.

The cylinder heads on both the M42 and M44 engines are amazing pieces …

How to bolt a Toyota V6 engine to a 30-year-old MR2 transmission

Thank you, Toyota. Thanks for making such a modular set of drivetrain bits that a transmission from decades ago is adaptable to an engine design still in use today. That …

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