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Bomb-proof hubs for our endurance race Miata? Yes, please.

Nobody likes it when the wheels fall off their race car. And sadly, the wheels on our V6-powered Miata wanted to come loose.

We had already taken …

Did we discover a cure for Miata lifter tick?

Miata engines love to tap just to remind us that they’re there. The engines typically deliver decades of faithful service, so occasionally they like to say, “Hey, we’re still here” with …

Why did we rip out our roll cage and build a new one?

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A year ago, as we were writing about building better door bars in our LFX-swapped Miata, we included this …

Do you know if your wheel studs are still safe?

The wheel studs on our Garage Rescue Miata are now more than 30 years old, meaning they’ve probably seen things. Are they still up to spec, or are …

Do you love your local autocross site?

Photography Credit: Dave Green

We’re a bit spoiled: The kart track inside Daytona International Speedway serves as our local autocross site. Clean, permanent bathrooms with actual flush toilets sit adjacent …

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Mazda Miata Readers' Rides

Apr 02, 2024 by DancesWithCurves
1990 None base

Misc trinkets but fundamentally stock. (1) 1998: newly-acquired Miata joins Newport in the fleet (2) 2001: first autocross! (3) 2000: PCA time trial (4) 2007: first time at Hallett (ARMC) …

Feb 19, 2024 by Brian410
2016 None ND Launch Edition

8yr Daily & AutoX

Oct 23, 2023 by JohnnyWholesome
2010 None Miata

250,000+ and climbing

Aug 21, 2023 by Sebby_A1sina
2019 None MX-5 RF Club

Nothing special. Bone stock ND2 RF It’s currently got a few goodies but Konis with FM Springs & Racing Beat Sway Bars will be added

May 17, 2023 by Mjenx
2001 None MX-5 Miata

My car is a 2001 Special Edition Miata. I found it in a junkyard in 2020- mildly damaged from a side impact- and pulled the whole car out for $2,000. …

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