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Photograph Courtesy Christopher John Ltd.

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Need more room for luggage in your classic, or perhaps you don’t like the wind in your hair? Consider an MGB GT–all the old-school British fun of the MGB, but with an enclosed cabin and a useful rear hatch.

This particular example is noted to have recently received a full body restoration, plus new brakes and rubber gaskets.

Inside, the seller says that the original interior presents well.

Find this 1971 MGB GT for sale from Christopher John Ltd. for $22,000.

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joeymec New Reader
3/4/22 12:08 p.m.

67 MGBGT was my first daily driver back in early 70's.  I loved the look of the 67 GT with no side markers, steel bumpers, the early red rounded tailights and classic steel dashboard.  Last year before these cars were US federalized, starting in 68 with a new ugly padded dashboard and  a primitive exhaust emissions system.    Side marker reflectors, lamps and  squared taillights to follow in the next few years gradually turning the MGB's clean lines in a cluttered look.  (my opinion only)    Every Saturday I would open the hood (bonnet) and see what was leaking, loose and falling off so I could tighten everything up and hope for another week of maybe trouble free driving!   Hah!   Wishful thinking.

Colin Wood
Colin Wood Associate Editor
3/4/22 2:48 p.m.

In reply to joeymec :

I agree, a lot of those federalization standards took away some of the charm.

And it sounds like you had quite a lot of fun with 67. The GT is close to the top of classics I would buy if I had the space and means.

joeymec New Reader
3/5/22 8:30 a.m.

In reply to Colin Wood :

hi Colin,

You are correct.  I did have a lot of fun with my 67.  The original paint (light beige) was fading badly after only 3 years when my brother and I bought it (1970). The rockers were rusting also (Northeast) so I fixed the body and painted it Jet Black. One of my dad's customers had a body shop and he painted it for me for $75!  Best money I ever spent back then!  The car got much sexier with wires and knock offs.  It turned heads even back then as the the GT's were much rarer than the convertibles. (which my brother was driving, 69 B). It was an interesting car as it had a Coolaire A/C system installed new where the speaker was. That was really rare back then.   When in use, it really bogged down the motor.  I didn't use it that much.  Great memories.  Thanks for going down memory lane with me.  Much simpler times and cars back then.

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