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Now you too can own the Volkswagen GTI competitor

Has there ever been a prettier shade of blue?

Something sinister this way comes.

A unique way to see what's behind you.

Ferrari 308 GT4 Safari

Did someone just get an amazing deal?

Race Cars of Gooding & Company

The E24 to have.

Is this the best C3 Corvette?

In Magenta!

Ready for your driveway

Rarely seen in Aqua with Gold stripe

Why drive a normal E36 like everyone else?

It won't do 185mph, but does it need to?

This is the one to have

It's easy being this green when you're British.

Sheep in wolf's clothing?

The best of the best.

The best around?

Will prices remain this low for long?

What's not to love?

Bring a track!

A classic Ferrari that can be enjoyed as-is.

911 looks without the pricetag

If you can live with an automatic, you're in luck!

This is the one to have.

Will values continue upward?

One of only 1672 built.

Worthy of a second look? Yes.

Will the automatic transmission hinder its price?

Is this the fanciest German microcar?

Number 244 of 247 examples built worldwide.

Greenbriers were ahead of their time.

is it worth more without the diesel?

Now you can own a piece of racing history!

Too early for prom season?

Both tops included

You'll probably never see yourself coming.

Not your grandfather's Espada.

Orange is the new black

That's a lot of money for a GTI.

The discerning rocket ship, that is.

Back in black.

Yes, my tractor is German and luftgekühlt.

Your white whale has arrived.

Should it be kept as-is?

Ready for the elements.

The Forests Collection features nine cars offered without reserve

Will silver have its day?

For queen and country.

A viable alternative to the original?

As pure as the driven snow.

Will it be for long?

Cars like this are not for sale often.

In a good way.

Beautiful, and not just in the eye of the beholder.

Drop the top and cruise with grace and pace.


Could the automatic transmission have saved it?

Enzo finally green-lights a 12-cylinder mounted amidships with the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer.

Yellow never looked so good.

You can tow your classic and haul your family at the same time.

One from new.

A hard to beat combo.

Just drop the top and go.

One for each cylinder bank.

One of only 37!

Is this as close to the original as you can get?

Finished in Rosso Fuoco

The ultimate evolution of the 500 E and later, the E 500.

You'll never find a more prestigious Jaguar XJ.


It's got the looks.

It's not perfect, but it's all there!

A fetching Series 1

Lancia's colorful Stratos.

And a manual transmission!

A cool 924S.

A fine way to motor.

More of a Bus Catcher.

The Ayrton Senna connection doesn't hurt, either.

Drop the top and drive in style.

But still practical.

It's got the looks.

One-registered owner from new.

Ex-King Leopold III of Belgium, that is.

And it wants it now.

A fun way to enjoy a classic.

This, or a Volvo 1800E?

This blue Alfa looks ready for the Amalfi coast.

And is expected to sell accordingly.

One engine up front, and one engine out back.

All proceeds will go to the Detroit Children’s Fund.

Could this be the lowest mileage RT/10?

A perfect way to enjoy beautiful fall mornings.

With reportedly under 13,000 miles!

One of 200!

For those not afraid of a splash of color.

Do the mods make it a better driver?

Or carrying your Dog. Or both.

One of only 360.

The Linen Metallic really finishes the '80s vibe.

Good luck finding another Tommykaira R32--only 95 were produced.

And only one of 50 coupe models according to Fantasy Junction.

Miles ahead of the U.S. model

Believed to be fewer than 30,000 miles.

And by traditional, we mean body-on-frame and full-size.

This is the actual car used in the movie.

We hope you like green.

A fine way to motor.

One of less than 600 Cabriolets

Pontiac puts a turbo on their 4.9-liter V8

This one has fewer than 700 miles!

Is it their time to shine?

Haul in style.

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