James@Fast Lane Innovations
James@Fast Lane Innovations New Reader
9/24/17 12:21 p.m.

We're excited to announce a new addition to the popular Trac-Pac™ line of shift lights, the Trac-Pac MS Multi-stage shift light. It has 4 different levels/colors you can set to illuminate at different RPM, all setup is done through the Performance Optimizer App for your mobile device. Also, RPM and acceleration (lateral and forward) are shown real-time in the app and can be logged for later review or exported for video overlay or further analysis.

It also has an RPM switch output, which when connected to the RPM Switch Accessory (sold separately), can operate things like nitrous solenoids or air shifters.

Comes with the shift light, mounting bracket, and screws.

Image of Trac-Pac MS Multi Stage Shift Light

Image of the Trac-Pac MS Multi Stage Shift Light In Car

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