awdbandito New Reader
8/13/13 1:09 p.m.

I have a '74 TR-6, 4 speed, with OEM hard top. The car was a driving car until about 6 years ago. I decided to fix some rust in the floor pan and it has been sitting in the garage ever since. The car is actually in pretty good shape, but needs to have the metal work finished. The driver pan is removed and the replacement is test fitted. Inner rocker is mostly removed. Chassis was braced and door still open/shut. I have replacement pans, inner/outer rockers for both sides, but the driver side was rusty one. I have some new parts that go along with it, along with a rolling frame from a '74 that has a rear diff, suspension, wheels, brakes bolted to it. The extra frame is shot, but the other parts on it are good.

I'd like to see somebody put this car back on the road. $3300 OBO for everything. email me at for pictures.

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