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Andy Reid
Andy Reid Auction Editor
2/14/13 2:31 p.m.

They sure can, I saw many used in the winter in the Chicago area when we lived there.

Marcus_Aurelius New Reader
2/15/13 11:34 a.m.
Andy Reid wrote: You are likely to hear about a problem with flaking Nikasil liners but this is not a problem for cars in the US as we do not use high sulfur content fuel here.

I'd like to hear more from people running the pre-2001 4.0-liters regarding engine durability. My wife was interested in a well-maintained '99 XK8 with about 80k on it. We had the car for a weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it, but I ultimately advised her to pass on it after noticing a hot re-start issue, and a blue puff of smoke on start-up. IIRC, there was a recall on the hot re-start, but this car had already had the service done. These observations and the reputation of the Nikasil scared me off. Well, that and perusing the Jag message boards. Memorable quote: "Don't let anyone tell you their Jag has "low mileage". Anything over 50k on a Jag is not "low mileage!" Plenty of tales of woe and suffering.

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