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ProDarwin Dork
6/4/08 5:53 a.m.
John Brown wrote: I have wondered what makes a person try to take a top heavy automatic MSUV to the redline. It seems to me that the engine in the Vue is pretty nice and linear, and the transmission has enough gears to snap through the gears without needing the stratosphere.

Why offer a 250hp engine, but not allow the user to use over 200? If thats the case, may as well use that POS GM V6 that used to be in them.

skruffy Dork
6/4/08 12:59 p.m.

Well, I managed to break the damn thing after less than a week of driving. On the way to work today a black plastic box with a bunch of what looks like fuel lines coming out of it was somehow torn off the bottom of the truck. It still ran, albeit with whatever that thing was dragging on the ground. It's at the dealer now (hooray for having a saturn dealer literally around the corner from the office) and I'm back in that damned leaky van.

skruffy Dork
6/4/08 6:36 p.m.

I got an important reminder of why I do all of my own vehicle maintenance today. Turns out that mysterious black box was the charcoal canister. Dealer wanted $700 to replace it. Got the truck home and jacked it up. Bolted charcoal canister back to the floor, hooked the lines back up. FOR FREE!!! Judging by the huge dent in the frame rail and telltale scrapes along the bottom of the canister it's been hit on something pretty hard. Today when I was quickly traversing through puddles I must have knocked it the rest of the way off with a powerful spray of water.

Oh, and the timing belt has never been changed. It doesn't look like it'll be fun, but I'll be damned if we're paying the dealer a grand to do it. It'll be a fun(frustrating) weekend project.

Also, one of the front swaybar endlinks is missing. lolz. You'd think someone would notice if that broke while you were behind the wheel. It is on the same side as that suspiciously large dent in the frame though...

Wally SuperDork
6/4/08 7:50 p.m.

It's a company car, they probably didn't feel a thing.

neon4891 HalfDork
6/4/08 8:39 p.m.

hmmm, maybe I should be glad that a fwd/I4/5spd veew I was looking at has not made it to my drive way

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