Nov 13, 2014 update to the Tornado Typhoon project car

Finding A Wiring Harness for the Tornado

Briitsh Wiring’s crew helps us source a new harness for our Tornado Typhoon.
British Wiring also sells hard-to-find connectors, grommets and wiring ends for most British cars.

As you might imagine, with the way the rest of this Tornado Typhoon had been butchered by subsequent owners, the wiring harness was also a mess. We could have just ordered a new, generic buggy or kit harness from one of the VW suppliers, but we wanted everything to still look period correct.

Since we had been rebuilding and assembling Lucas components—generator, starter, voltage regulator and switches—we decided a ‘50s British automobile wiring harness would work well with a bit of modification.

To that end, we took our old wiring harness to British Wiring in Bally, Penn. Owner Matt Bakes looked it all over, cringed at the condition and then decided that it looked pretty darned similar to his Triumph TR3 harness.

These harnesses come complete, and cost about $350, for a period correct harness with braided wire and braided cloth wrap. This would be just what we need and should be easy to modify to fit the Typhoon.

Honestly, we think we might just need to lengthen the taillight wire a bit and that should be about our only modification, as this new harness and the original were remarkably similar.

British Wiring sells a complete line of authentic, English-made wiring harnesses for most English cars. They also sell a myriad of original wiring accessories from correct clips and ends to battery terminals.

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