Picking Through the Parts

The first order of business after getting this project home was to sift though all the boxes that came with it. We needed to see how what we got compared to what the seller said it came with.

The former owner had disassembled much of the car, but thankfully he had meticulously boxed everything and marked it well. This made figuring things out much easier. Even better news: This same owner had been collecting new parts for years, and we got all these parts with the car.

Just about everything we would need—especially when it came to the mechanicals—was sitting new, inside boxes in 30-year-old wrapping paper: pistons, gasket sets, motor mounts, a set of 10x6-inch Cosmic wheels, an extra head, and a bunch of other parts that will be good trade bait as we build this thing up.

There was very little bad news. We were missing a few parts, but the seller found most of them. We dragged them home in a subsequent trip. At this point we’re only missing the original intake manifold. Please contact us if you have one.

Shortly after picking this car up, we got a tip that DJ’s Minis over towards the west coast of Florida had some original optional reclining seats that were only correct for late Mk1 Coopers. We made a deal and dragged these seats home as well: They are more comfortable than the stock seats. We only got one stock seat with the car anyway, so this turned out to be a major score.

It was an itsy bitsy, teeny-weeny rally-winning project Mini. Subscribe to Classic Motorsports and get it in your mailbox.
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