MegaSquirt Tuning

We’ve been driving the 142 around town the last few days, tuning its new fuel injection system. With the help of Steve Berry, we’ve datalogged (which is simple using Megatune) all of the fuel injection’s parameters, including the O2 readings from the Innovative Technologies wideband sensor. This was done while driving around the country and in traffic.

This data was fed into an algorithm that takes into account the Volumetric Efficiency table that we are using. It then figures out what the optimal VE table should be. Below is an example of before and after VE tables from this exercise. You can see how the low rpm areas were leaned out, while the high RPM bins were extended from 5900 to 6300 rpm, and richened up. With the new VE tables, the car pulls strongly all the way past our redline of 6500 rpm. It’s strong. Dyno tests will be performed soon.

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