Jul 1, 2006 update to the Triumph Spitfire project car

A New Project, a New Author

The first glimpse of the Spitfire.
The rear of the car just after the cover was pulled off.

We weren’t exactly looking for another car, but when a friend called us from Virginia and told us about a clean, original 1973 Spitfire that had only 41,000 miles on it, we quickly became intrigued.

The upside to this car is the purchase price was $200 and other than an unsympathetic respray many years ago, the car is very original and unmolested.

Although we had too many projects going on, we decided to go ahead with this one. We couldn’t resist the sleek lines of the first year 1500 Spitfire, and have always wanted another one of these cars in the family.

Unfortunately, every car in our family needs a “daddy” and all of the regular staff members were too busy with other projects.

Fortunately, it was nearly time for young Tommy Suddard, our publisher’s son, to tackle his first car. Combine this fact, with the fact that our recent Midget project was kind of “high-end” and we needed a low-end reader-type project to balance our content: Project Spitfire is born. The premise is, that most of the work will be done by a teenage boy, with assistance from his father. It is also understood that this will be a do-it-yourself, low-buck project that pretty much, any of you could do in your home garages. This will not be a full restoration, but more of a fixing up and getting it running type series of hopefully helpful tips.

Follow along as we learn about Triumph Spitfires and the age old pitfalls of father and son projects.

Introducing our newest author: Thirteen year old, Tommy Suddard has been around British sports cars for his whole life. He has been autocrossing karts, since he was eight years old and learned to drive that same year in a Meyers Manx. While his goal is to someday also have a real car with fuel injection, he has accepted his fate: that this $200 Spitfire shall be his learning exercise into the world of classic cars.

Introducing our sponsor: The one difference between our project and most of your projects is that we have a sponsor. We have been working with Victoria British on various projects for over twenty years. They have Direct online ordering available 24 hours a day at www.VictoriaBritish.com or by fax at (800) 541-8525 without having anyone else in the middle. If you do not have a Victoria British Ltd. Parts catalog yet, request one of their free car parts catalogs today. You also have the confidence you can order parts and accessories from Victoria British Ltd. by mail or by toll-free telephone at (800) 255-0088, seven days a week. Victoria British also has some of the best Spitfire parts availability going, as well as some of the lowest pricing. As this is going to be a father/son, after school and weekend project, we thought Victoria British would be a great partner to bring on board. Despite having this great sponsor, we plan on telling you what things cost and to keep prices on this project very down to earth.

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motorminder None
12/7/07 3:52 p.m.

My son is only 3 years old but I look forward to the day when he and I can work on one of his cars together. My TR8 ought to be due for refurbishing by then...

Thanks for the inspiration and good luck.

foxtrapper UltimaDork
12/14/07 8:49 a.m.

Mine is 7, and long ago claimed my yellow Spitfire as to be his in the future.

5/12/14 11:21 a.m.

My son and I just started our own project like this. It's a great time for us both. Ours is a 79 Spitfire...

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