Started on April 9 by davepilcher

1960 Triumph TR10 Estate Wagon

Ever seen one of these? Not surprizing as there are probably less than 100 of all years and body styles in the US. Every car started out life as a sedan. The wagons, pick-ups and panel vans were then cut in half and the “new” body attached. Only the sedans and wagons were sold in the US. This car turns out to be a real “chick” magnet with comments of “oh how cute” and “I want one” heard often.

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May 29, 2011, 1:53 p.m.

I have a 60 tr10 .Kind of a cute little wagon.Most people have never seen one.They draw a lot of intrest at car shows.I would like to find a chrome swoosh piece for the left front fender.I like your car.My wagon is identical except the color is grey and white. triumphrestoration.

Aug. 20, 2012, 9:31 p.m.

I had a '58 TR10 wagon in High school.. I bought 2 of them in a junkyard for 50.00, when I was 15.. I drove one and stripped the other.. traded the stripped rear end for a set of new tires.. It used the same rear end as the Lotus Europa.. After 3 years though, it began to rust in half.. This was a very early Unibody construction.. Wish I still had it.

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