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1901 Amphicar asdfasd


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Jan. 05
Rotten to the core

Ugh, went to start up my Javelin and found the passenger footwell soaked with coolant. …

Aug. 28
Another view

Just another angle to show it’s a lot cleaner. I had to be careful when …

Aug. 28
All cleaned up and no where to go...

On Saturday, a pop of the hood revealed an engine bay in need of some …

Aug. 27
Show down

Picture from the car show at Little Italy. Dang it, I didn’t get the under …

Aug. 21
The new radio

Tunes after so many years.

Aug. 21

Nothing like a lazy Sunday to take some pictures

Aug. 18
Where did the summer go?

I’ve driven the Javelin almost every weekend this summer. Having a radio for the first …

July 27
Wheel swap

Here is a video of the rim swap from this past weekend.

July 27
August Car Show

Hey Gang, I just found out about a car show in Forest Grove on 8/27. …

July 27
from a zombie to a daily driver.

The biggest problem for me was all of the little things to chase down and …

July 26
Go with the flow...

Shot of the true dual exhaust with flow mufflers. Sounds great and really woke it …

July 26
My ride...

It’s been a slow process over the 3 years of being able to enjoy the …

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