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eBay find: 1984 Isuzu Impulse with 33K miles
Kart Parts, Rims, Seats, and Bodywork
Kart Parts, Rims, Seats, engines, helmet and Bodywork
Birel R32 Race kart, Parts, ect...
1988 Isuzu I-Mark Turbo
1991 Isuzu impulse RS 1.6L 5 speed AWD turbo $2500 N GA
1991 Isuzu impulse RS 1.6L 5 speed AWD turbo $2500 N GA
All Models All Makes Car Show!
FS: One man Kartlift stand
FS: 2005 Margay 1.4 race kart
FS:Margay, Birel, Clone, and L0206 karts
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1991 Isuzu Impulse RS -$1200
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2012 Victory Kart W/ Briggs and Stratton 206
Nissan Frontier V.S. Toyota Tacoma
Kart Garage clean up
FS:4cycle White Chassis,kart stand, extra bodywork
1991 Isuzu Impulse RS Turbo for $1500 in Warrensburg, CO
1991 Isuzu Impulse RS (the AWD turbo one)

Isuzu Readers' Rides

Jul 07, 2011 by speedracerles
Isuzu impulse

I own a (1)1986, and (2) 1988 isuzu impulse... they are 2liter motor cars. SOHC 4 cyl, they are all turbo cars.

Aug 11, 2010 by ronbros
1982 Isuzu I-Mark,,,Opel,Gemini ZZ

4cyl. OHC, 1.8L ad on turbo,, water / alcohol inj.

Nov 13, 2009 by ronbros
1982 Isuzu Diesel, 1.8, turb.

another shame for GM,, engineered by OPEL,, built by ISUZU,, most sales were in Australia as GeminiZZ,, and sold around the world by GM, Go figure!! americans did not like ...

Nov 26, 2009 by ReStoring
1991 Isuzu Impulse RS

Factory 1.6t with AWD 45/55 front/rear split. Coilover sleeves Adjustable rear sway bar Short shifter

Aug 11, 2010 by speedracerles
1986 Isuzu Impulse turbo

2.0 liter turbo intercooled. 550 cc injectors, cold air intake, stage 2 cam.

May 11, 2011 by 924guy
1999 Isuzu Vehicross

The First real crossover with the true capabilities of a sports car on road, and a Humvee off road!

Jun 04, 2010 by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
1988 Isuzu Impulse Turbo


Aug 09, 2013 by impulsive
1988 Isuzu Impulse Turbo 2.0L

work in progress or self sacrificing parts donor for the greater good

Dec 14, 2014 by impulsive
1988 Isuzu Trooper 2.6L

an $800 4x4 - Delta RV cam grind, CALMINI header, diy junkyard mods: 60mm single TB & plenum from 93/94 trucks, AISIN manual locking hubs, 80A Impulse alternator. 34x10.5 LTB ...

May 05, 2010 by zachbibb2012
1999 Isuzu Rodeo LS

Dad's old truck, it'll do for now. but give me some car suggestions. Mods-None

Oct 09, 2014 by 91RSImpulse
1991 Isuzu Impulse RS AWD Turbo

My sad Impulse that I am trying for the last 2 years to restore, it is sad sad shape, have to custom build everything for the car... Will have pictures ...

Jan 14, 2011 by ronbros
1982 Isuzu I-mark,,OPEL

designed by OPEL,, bilt by Isuzu, sold by GM. sure is a world car, this ones got a 1.8L turbo, diesel 5 spd. 40-45mpg on veggie oil(no cost fuel). actually ...

Oct 12, 2010 by irishman_punk
2000 Isuzu Rodeo LS


Oct 19, 2011 by GoanRacing
1991 Isuzu Impulse RS

My AWD Turbo Toy - one car I will NEVER let go of. 1 of 800 brought to North America. I have owned my share of FWD non-turbo Impulses (one ...

Jul 11, 2013 by crisd
1986 Isuzu Truck

correction.... the Mitsu truck was sold, the Isuzu truck was used.

Jun 06, 2015 by impulsive
1988 Isuzu Impulse Turbo 2.6L

2.6L swap w/Ross forged pistons, AMC head, zero overlap Web cam grind, 93+ MAF & TB/plenum, 6G72T injectors, Zeitronix ZT-2, Fidanza flywheel, de-powered steering w/welded pinion, Koni Yellows, Prothane control ...

Nov 07, 2011 by VegasZ31T
2001 Isuzu VehiCross

Silver All original. 81 k miles.

Mar 26, 2013 by etron
2004 Isuzu San Andreas

Is always shaking

May 17, 2013 by aribert
1992 Isuzu Amigo

the sacrificial winter car

Jul 23, 2015 by m4ff3w
1989 Isuzu Impulse Turbo

I saved it from the crusher. Supposedly it only needs a starter, muffler (included), window regulator (included), and some good cleaning. It did come with a complete gasket set though ...

Nov 23, 2013 by f6sk
1988 Isuzu I-Mark Turbo

-Lotus Suspension Package -Recaro Seats -1.6 liter 12 valve engine upgrade -Limited slip differential

Dec 09, 2013 by osu32
1996 Isuzu Trooper

This was a tank. I absolutely loved this car. Unfortunately, the engine on these are tragically flawed and prone to kaboom. RIP Trooper.

Nov 15, 2015 by Junkyard_Dog
2014 Isuzu NPR-HD Gas

Bought new and built to my specs. This one should stick around for a while.

Jul 18, 2015 by Darkwulfe
1998 Isuzu amigo s

Used to be yellow Iz now flat black. Lots of mods and stuff. Looking to really mod out

Nov 13, 2015 by blkdmnds000
1991 Isuzu stylus awd turbo

K guys i have a 91 isuzu stylus awd turbo no title and I'm Selling it. So comment if you want it $1200 Located idaho

Jun 10, 2017 by lotus026
1989 Isuzu I-Mark RS 4 door red


Jun 10, 2017 by lotus026
1989 Isuzu I-Mark RS 2 door gray


Jun 10, 2017 by lotus026
1989 Isuzu I-Mark RS 2 door white


Apr 21, 2017 by crisd
1986 Isuzu Pup

Bone stock with the exception of some cool chrome valve stem sleeves, a cold air intake, and a Buick supercharged 3800 engine with NO2, swapped into a mid-engine configuration. Oh ...

Aug 27, 2017 by Junkyard_Dog
1989 Isuzu Impulse Turbo

Parts car...unless I can find a good shell.

Nov 08, 2019 by B13Birk
2001 Isuzu Trooper


Jul 04, 2019 by Quasi
1991 None Impulse RS

Recently purchased this 1991 Isuzu Impulse RS. It's AWD with passive rear wheel steering and handling tuned by lotus. It has a 1.6L I4 engine running 14psi. The previous owner ...

Feb 12, 2020 by albino09
1991 None Impulse RS

A little pocket rocket from the 90's. Turbocharged, Intercooled, DOHC and all-wheel-drive.

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